Monday, 16 March 2015

How to contain the footballs???

So I have a 5 year old boy, he's the middle child, in between two girls. He is adorable, edible, delicious, cheeky, doesn't stop moving and his main purpose in life so far is to kick balls. Having had a girl first who sits for hours doing arts and crafts or reading, I was in for a shock. My little boy arrived and from the word go he wanted to kick, bash, run and destroy. 

I am writing this post for advice. How on earth do I get him to stop randomly kicking EVERYTHING high in the air. This post is also fueled from guilt as I have just seen red as I have witnessed my little boy angel kick yet another item into next doors garden. Last time I looked the neighbour was housing five footballs, one basketball and three tennis balls in his garden. Not to mention various other items of his sisters belongings, that he has decided to launch into the air. 

No matter how many times I tell him, put him on the naughty step, take his favourite toy away etc he still does it! I can see it in his face, his brain does not engage, he just sees a football or an item and thinks 'how high can I kick that??' When it goes really high he has a look of delight on his face. He's proud, happy, nothing else matters. That is until I start nagging him, telling him someone will get hurt or that he will loose all his things and he looks confused.

So what can I do, how can I contain the things to our garden? How? Its a mystery! Maybe one I will just have to live with! 

Thanks for listening!


Friday, 13 March 2015

Simple things, creative play.

I don't know about you, but in my house there are SO many toys. Like millions! They are slowly taking over the place. I am constantly looking at storage solutions to try and tame the toys. These are always failed attempts, as the toys expand out of the new storage systems and start to take over again. Throw a birthday and Christmas into the mix and we have a full on take over. It's like Toys story eat your heart out!

The thing about these toys are that the my kids don't seem to actually play with them. They get pulled out of their boxes, scattered all over the floor and discarded. I feel an inner frustration build up in me as I see the creative side of play seems to be lost. Then I get cross with myself by being sucked into the commercialism. 

This being my rant I wanted to share how if you're like me, many parents put pressure on themselves to buy more and more toys. I was humbled the other day when my two year old went into my junk cupboard (cupboard full of stuff I don't know what to do with) and pulled it all out. Initially I was like, 'oh more to tidy up!' but then I realised she was happily playing with the things. She had four paper cups, a handful of straws, some dried pasta, an empty Smarties box, muffin cases and a plastic storage box. Her play entailed, filling the muffin cases with the pasta, transferring it to the paper cups. Lining the cups up in the storage box and taking them out again. Putting the straws in the cups and generally sorting. This kept her entertained for at least 20 minutes and it was her own creative play. It was so lovely to see, simple, honest, cheap, non commercial play. Her imagination and dexterity skills could be let loose. 

For parents out their who have to same frustrations as me with the toy overload, give this a try. Give them some random items from your kitchen. Paper plates, cups, dried pasta, raisins, even cheerios, some pegs, a pan and a wooden spoon etc and set it up for them. See what happens. Its simple, and they love it. 

Happy child, creative play and enjoy a cuppa while they do it. 


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Milk and Cookies.

My kids come home from school ravenous. They are so hungry they can't see straight. Tired, exhausted, grumpy and emotional. It's a matter of time before we have absolute melt down.  I've spent ages trying to work out the perfect snack for them. If I gave them too much food it would mean they wouldn't eat their dinner. But if I didn't give them enough to eat in their snack I would have them moaning about how hungry they are. It would drive me crazy. I feel sorry for them, having to be on their best behaviour at school. Dealing with playground politics, sitting still when all they want to do is run around. Listening, learning. I began to realise it wasn't just hunger but that they were also emotionally drained too. They wanted was to come home and have some home comforts and a little snack. Not too much that it ruins their dinner but something to take the edge off.

Realising the link that they were emotionally hungry too I decided they needed some emotional pampering. Coming home and sitting them up at the table. I would sit with them too, with a cup of tea. No phone, no quick jobs to do around the house. Just me and the kids, giving them my full attention. And the perfect snack for this, cookies and milk of course. Old school snack which goes so well together. I'm hoping it will evoke a lovely childhood memory or them of coming home and having cookies and milk after school. 

What snacks do you give your kids after school?


Friday, 6 March 2015

I'm doing the flares thang!

When flares went out to be replace by skinnies, I can honestly say I was glad to see the back of them. No more fraying as they were always too long. No more getting soggy in the rain. Another reason I was happy to say goodbye to flares was because they were always low cut and the tops were cropped. This caused problems because unless you were a size -0 there would always be some muffin bits sticking out for all to see. 

When I realised flares were making a come back I wasn't that excited by the fact. I had it in my mind that I wouldn't indulge. Cut to month later and seeing the lovely 70's flares around with a cool boho feel, I found myself purchasing the very funky and reasonable ones from M&S (i know who'd have thought it!!) They are high wasited and not too long. I thought maybe this time round they may have got it right. No more frayed and soggy bottoms! So I got them! They sat in my drawer for a couple of weeks and I even started to think I'd take them back. I showed the to my husband who wasn't keen and said I looked like I was stuck in the year 2000.

Then with the sunshine coming out, I pulled them out of my drawer and put them on. It was like visiting an old friend, and so comfy. Lush, I thought, I'm so wearing these today! I have to add though I had really wanted to wear them with my converse for total comfort, but that really would have thrown me back to the year 2000. So instead I put them on with my pointy brown healed boots. It set off the 70's feel and looked cool. 

I'm so glad I got them, welcome back to the flares! You have come back new and improved. Thank you!


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Aftermath of the morning

This post today is just an insight into life as a stay at home mum. Yes I am pleading for your sympathy vote. Here is my living room after a morning at home. Actually it wasn't a morning at home because we went out swimming. So I got up, got the big ones off to school and the bigger one (husband) off to work, and took the little one swimming had an enjoyable but exhausting morning. Got back in time for lunch and whilst cooking the lunch this happened. 

I don't understand how some homes stay so tidy, especially when there are little ones around. I called it the Tasmanian devil coming out. You know, when they whirlwind around causing destruction throughout their path. By lunch time and by the time they have their nap I'm faced with this. And today I've decided I'm going to leave it. I'm going to put my feet up and have a cup of tea.

Heres to guilt free parenting and having me time



As we see winter disappear.....

At the start of each winter I look forward to wrapping up warm, getting my big winter coat out, hat scarf and gloves. I dream of going on a cold winter walks to find a cute country pub with roaring fires getting all snuggled and warm with a glass of red wine. That's my romanticised view on it anyway. Hit this time of year and I'm so over it, and what am I left with, severe SAD syndrome as I'm are desperate for the spring to come. All that and totally dry skin my lips are just totally chapped, cold sore after cold sore and lips that look gross. I can forget about putting a lip gloss on because it would literally just flake off - gross yeah!

I've tried everything, each year to go to the makeup counter or the chemist and try something new. Spending loads of money on products, like crazy amounts. That won't work so I resort to putting the kids Sudocrem on and then I just look ridiculous as I just have white lips to which the husband and kids think I'm mad. 

So I've finally found it. This amazing Blistex is literally the only thing that works. It gives so much moisture and leaves my lips feeling lovely. I know it's a bit of a boring subject to write about but I'm so excited that I have finally found something that works I wanted to share it. 

Why not try it! 


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Jungle sale

It's winter and a Saturday afternoon and everyone is bored. I'm left wondering what to do with three kids, plus and extra one who's here for a sleepover. 

TV, gets boring! There's only so much Peppa Pig and Charlie and Lola that any of us can take. My 8 year old finds movies too scary. A hint of dramatic music or the lowering of lights and she's running out of the room screaming, so that's a no go! I tell them to play with their toys and before we know it there are arguments over who had what first, and an annoying little brother who is trying to take over. So we come up with the idea of having a jumble sale (or jungle sale as the kids were calling it) on the drive. It gets them from under my feet, they get fresh air and learn some entrepreneurial skills.

So they go around the house looking for toys to sell. We get some cookies on a plate. Make up some marshmallow snowmen and out they go. They decide on a charity to donate the money to and everyone is happy. So not to take over, I leave them to it (well hovering at the door to keep an eye on them) and they love it. They get independence, have a sense of responsibly and do something for a worthy cause. 

So if your little one is bored and frustrated this weekend give it a go! It's fun for all :) xxx